Thursday, December 7, 2017

Winter Is Coming

It's kimchi-making time in lovely Korea, and my adult students basically loaded me down with a few packages of the stuff when I left class tonight.

I do not think this is a bad thing

Just Ask Susan Sarandon To Write You A Check?

I’m guessing there’s no small number of pro-Stein / pro-Bernie / anti-HRC folks currently in graduate school for an M.A. or Ph.D.  And soon, thanks to the GOP / Trump tax plan, none of them will be able to afford their programs (tuition wavers will be taxed as regular income).

It sucks that anybody can’t go as far as they want, academically speaking, but at the same time I sort of don’t fucking care?  Because, like, you literally voted for this?

Anyhow, November 2018 is coming fast – if you’re a USian, register to vote and try to undo just a bit of all the damage Trump is inflicting on higher education.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Your Favorite Band Sucks. And So Does Their Name.

The AV Club has its 2017 year in band names up now, and as usual it does not disappoint.

Some personal favorites:

1) Donna Bummer

2) Abhorrent Decimation

3) The New York Review of Cocksucking

4) Hans Gruber and the Die Hards

5) Grim Streaker

6) Demonfuck

7) Shitizen

8) Steal Shit Do Drugs

9) Strawberry Fist Cake

10) Drug Pizza

Sleepy Time

The next super duper trend coming out of totally overworked South Korea?  Sleep cafes!:
"Nazzzam, a sleep cafe located in Jongno, provides a beverage and offers an hour of rest for 6,000 won. Here, the guest is given a choice whether to sleep on a bed, a sofa or a hammock. No one should worry that they won’t be able to wake up on time because the staff will wake guests up if requested.
Roh Woong-hyun, the owner of the sleep cafe in Gangnam, said that on average, approximately 50 to 60 people visit each weekday - most of whom are office workers in their 20s and 30s.
'These days, people in their 40s and 50s also visit the cafe often. Since we are open for 24 hours, workers who stay up all night stop by the cafe and teenagers that visit Seoul for concerts from other cities also visit the cafe,' said Roh. He then revealed his plan to open up another shop. The cafe first opened in September 2016."
I'm lucky to live within walking distance of my job.  And I've been told I drool in my sleep.  So I'll pass.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Red Devil Blues

With the US out of the World Cup for 2018 (the less said about it the better), I was hoping a weak-ish South Korean squad might get lucky with their own draw.  Well, here it goes -- Germany, Sweden, and Mexico.

I can't imagine them winning a single game in that group.  I have a hard time imagining them scoring a single goal.

As for predictions, it's hard to go against Germany isn't it?  Teams I'd also be willing to bet five dollars on to win it all -- France and Brazil.  Obvious picks I realize, but Belgium and Argentina never seems to put all the pieces together when needed.  I really can't stand Portugal Ronaldo, but they are coming off an impressive win in Euro 2016.

And Spain is way too old, right?

Thursday, November 30, 2017

True Fact

Marvel movie trailers are ten times more entertaining than anything the DC universe has ever produced.

And I'll have you know I actually liked Zack Snyder's Watchmen.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Wake Me When It's Over

One of my simple pleasures is ordering English language books from Seoul every few months.  Lately I'd been thinking I should push myself to finally get to the six or seven Philip K. Dick novels I've never read (I blame Bladerunner 2049) but a small piece of my lizard brain suggested that dystopian fiction isn't really necessary right now.

Between Trump, a GOP that is officially A-OK with pedophilia and literal Nazis, and North Korea mastering ICBM's, we're living it.  Living it good and hard.